Old World Teas, New World Trends

At TEViVe, our tea-making process is an art, intensely studied over many years. As a native Sri Lankan, tea has always been an integral part of our talented Tea Master’s daily life. His extensive knowledge of mountain terrains, weather patterns, soil, and how it all effects the quality and shelf life of tea spans more than 35 years.

He has lived and trained across the globe, studying the art of tea making in most of the tea producing countries in the world.

In his early years, he worked for some of the largest tea companies in the world, tasting between 300-500 tea cups on a given day and supplied tea blends to nearly all major tea packers in the world!

We understand not all teas blend and marry with each other. That’s why our TEViVE tasters still sample each batch of tea, ensuring they are evenly blended and perfectly matched. At TEViVE, we believe in the quality of our teas and strive to produce superior teas that appeal to our consumers. But, don’t take our word for it. We invite you to experience the world of TEViVE for yourself. Close your eyes, sip, and enjoy.

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